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A Voice for Students

The last few years have been tough on students. From transitioning between online to in-person learning and ever-changing health policies, students have experienced unprecedented changes in how education typically occurs. What we learned through the Covid pandemic, is that our schools are an important part of our lives and our community.


What we need now more than ever is to focus on our students.  Let's get back to the basics with an emphasis on academics to make up for setbacks during Covid. With the loss of time interacting with others, students also need additional practice with social skills like managing emotions, handling conflict, and being a good friend. 


A Voice for Families

Like many other families in Lakeville, we moved here for the great schools.  Lakeville has a reputation for having amazing educators and providing an excellent education.  Covid restrictions have prevented families from volunteering, visiting and being actively involved in our schools.    Research shows that kids do better academically and socially in schools with active community and family involvement.  We need to allow families back into our schools so we can strengthen the relationships between families and educators and support each other in helping students learn. 

As a special education parent liaison for Lakeville Schools, I have worked with families to help connect them to resources, to support them through the special education process, and sometimes to just be an ear to listen.  I believe there is nothing more important than taking the time to listen to others and work together for the best need of students. 

A Voice for the Community

In a school, community means more than just the city we live in.  A school community encompasses all the incredible people that work everyday to teach and support students.  Just like our students, our teachers, administrators, and school staff have struggled during these last few years.  They have re-imagined how to do school online, kept students learning when the world seemed to stop, and worked hard to foster relationships with students online and in returning to the classroom.  Our school staff showed up everyday for students; now, it's our turn to show up for them.  Let's take time to listen to our educators and ask them what they need.  Give educators a chance to tell us what is happening in the classroom; from their experiences through supporting student learning, to the stories of difficulties they face, we need to support the work they continue to do day in and day out. 

Community also refers to the people who live in the school district and may not have children that attend school.  As tax payers, they are also an important part of what makes our schools successful.  Our community members are the support system for our schools.  Not only are they "tax payers" but many volunteer time in our classrooms, provide donations, and care about the success of our students and staff.  Strong communities help build strong schools. 


Thank You!

Thank you to the following local businesses for your help during my campaign.

  • Blackfire Creative - campaign signs

  • Print Solutions - campaign printables, pamphlets, cards, banners

  • Bellywing Boutique - t-shirts

  • Jessica Wilson Photography - pictures

  • The Free Book Buggie - free books 

  • Country Roads Wood Fire Catering - pizza

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